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Addressing pressing policy and diplomacy challenges through creativity and collective intelligence methods and training diplomats and civil servants around the world.


In service to the Egmont Institute, Belgium’s leading international think tank, Dreamocracy has designed and led a large number of in-person and online workshops and training sessions for diplomats and civil servants from around the world. They have been received very positively and repeated on many occasions in each country. We have thus developed 2 to 5-day modules on:

  • Political communication for Dubai senior civil servants
  • Influencing and lobbying for Palestian officials
  • Creativity and public administration for senior civil servants in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Mali
  • Creative diplomacy and conflict resolution for Belgian Foreign Affairs staff

All the workshops involve working on very real, immediate and concrete challenges identified by the participants themselves, thus ensuring immediate benefit and increasing the participants ability to internalise the new methods used.


Egmont Institute – The Royal Institute for International Relations is an independent think-tank based in Brussels. As a platform for in-depth analysis and a forum for debate in the field of international politics, the Institute seeks to contribute usefully to public decisions through its publications, conferences and seminars. Its interdisciplinary research is conducted in a spirit of total academic freedom. Drawing on the expertise of its own research fellows, as well as that of external specialists, both Belgian and foreign, it provides analysis, policy options and training that are meant to be as operational as possible. There, Stephen Boucher acts as Senior Training Expert.


Belgium, Democratic Republic of Congo, Dubai, Guinea Conakry, Mali, Palestine


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