Mobilli – Helping Wallonia redefine its public transport offer

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Improve the Wallonia’s public transport network as an alternative to private cars by consulting widely and co-constructing with citizens, key stakeholders, municipalities and public entities across the region.


Dreamocracy is in charge of coordinating this large, three-year project and designing and facilitating the consultation process. Working with its partners CitizenLab (online platform), Dedicated (recruitment) and Shake (coms), the project aims to both inform and consult a diverse set of citizens, civil society representatives, and public entities regarding the region’s future public transport network.

Through the digital platform in-person citizen panels, focus groups, and in-person interviews, the objective is to redefine the Walloon transport operator (TEC)’s network of buses and intermodality hubs, and make sure that they are as close as possible to local realities and people’s needs.

The communications campaign is designed to ensure the largest number of participants possible and to give the process as much transparency as possible. This is in line with the regional ambitions set by the government, such as increasing the modal share of buses and trams from 4% (in 2018) to 10% (in 2030) as an alternative to cars.


Wallonia, Belgium

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Mobilli was nominated as a finalist of the 2023 Innovation in Politics Awards.
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