Dreamocracy is a consultancy that fosters collective intelligence and creativity for the common good.

Through our methods and processes, we help diverse groups form stronger communities by better understanding their shared interests and by finding novel solutions to maximize those shared interests. 

Our mission is ultimately to put the dream back into democracy and contribute to democracy’s reinvention.

We deploy our know-how and knowledge in three ways: Advisory Time, Governance as a Service, and Research and Innovation.

You are a public entity, foundation, NGO, media, university, think tank, political party, politician, startup, or brand with a purpose? We can do research, write for you, build podcast series or make films. All for good and at a fair price. 


Advisory time

Thinking as a Service

We most often work hand-in-hand with public agencies, governments, civil society organizations, and companies, providing highly focused strategic advice. Through sessions of one to two hours, provided on-site or remotely, our senior advisers and fellow experts from our network dedicate their time to helping you unearth new issues, probe various scenarios, and tap unconstrained thinking on a wide range of concerns, including new trends, methodologies, and strategies.


Given the fast-moving, international nature of the challenges you may be facing, we’re making ourselves available 24/7, in teams of two, to stir your thinking and sharpen your analysis. Sounding Board is an open discussion, structured around clear concepts and processes, with backup slides, offered for brainstorming or deep dive deliberation on topics of your choice.


Some of the greatest value Dreamocracy can provide is supporting productive thinking about complex issues, and helping teams frame long-term strategy, planning and action.
Thanks to our constant horizon scanning and policy analysis, we can help you pick up fresh signals, new approaches, relevant case studies, and compelling outliers from around the world.

How does it work?

● First, contact us to schedule a 30-minute pre-brief session, where we establish core needs and relevant topics, scope, and any key questions to consider. We then work with you to schedule a work session, using video conferencing or in person.
● On the day, we invite the relevant members of our team and network for our one to two-hour session with your staff. Sessions can be structured as a Q&A, a free-flowing conversation, participation in a formal brainstorming session or expert interview.

Sounding Board is priced on a flat hourly rate, with sliding costs for NGOs or other socially focused organizations.

Note: We reserve the right to screen high-level topics in advance to adhere to any existing non-disclosure or other confidentiality agreements and ensure no conflicts of interest exist in our discussions.

Workshops and methodologies

Advocacy Unusual

We’re here to help if you are an advocate of important change, but your ideas are being crowded out. You may even suffer from being seen as one of “the usual suspects” with “the “usual arguments”. Then let us empower you with new creative skills specifically designed for lobbyists. We can train and assist you with our bespoke creativity workshops for lobbyists. Running from half a day to a full week, we have run them for over a dozen interest groups so far. You will learn new approaches and develop exciting new advocacy strategies. Learn more about our Advocacy Unusual workshops here.

Pimp My Official

Thanks to our core team’s expertise in branding, political communications, and creativity, we have helped a number of political parties and elected officials (re)find their mojo and unique selling point. This typically requires 6 sessions over 2-3 months.

Creativity and Conflict Resolution

Thanks to our experience in mediation and the Creative Problem Solving approach, and with the help of Belgian artist [Olivier Goka] and consulting philosopher Martin Georges, we help you reframe your challenges and identify new solutions. This can be formatted as a one-off 3-day workshop or a longer process. We have implemented this approach with diplomats from various parts of the world, notably Palestine, Mali, Congo, Ivory Coast, successfully identifying new options to overcome complex conflicts.

Governance as a Service

Reinventing politics through creative workshops and processes, for small teams and large movements.

Future Casting

Tired of hearing that “business as usual” rules and that “there is no alternative”? This visioning and forecasting approach allows you to develop a new vision and pathway for the future, internally and/or with relevant audiences, complete with scenarios and policy recommendations. This can be adapted as an intense set of one-day workshops, or, preferably, as a process over several weeks involving a range of stakeholders.

Appreciative Inquiry in Service to Public Officials

Let’s turn our backs to management approaches that focus on what needs to be fixed and the problems within your organisation or community. [Together with specialised firm Integral Togetherness], we help you implement the powerful Appreciative Inquiry approach to define a new vision, identify your resources and define a positive roadmap to foster sustainable and rapid change. Over one day or several months.

Ministry For The Future

Combining the best methodologies in class – Transformative Scenario Planning, Deliberative Polling and Policy Labs – this is our game-changing approach to help industry or policy-makers tackle complex policy challenges.

Who we work for

We are strictly non-partisan, have no political affiliation, and have already worked for elected officials of different hues, as well as public administration and civil society groups with varying goals. We are in fact ready to work for any individual or group that is genuinely committed to fostering novel solutions to advance society’s interest and that respects our values and methodologies, in particular: 
  • Collective intelligence done well – Collective intelligence and public action are hard to mix sometimes, and we understand the need for political communication and marketing to get things done. However, we strive not to work for groups that treat collective intelligence as a gimmick and do not commit to treating the input of others meaningfully.
  • Fostering humanity’s progress – It goes without saying, but it’s better said than not: we strive for what the constitution of all modern democracies aim for, i.e. the pursuit of justice, equality, peace, general welfare, and freedom, as well as the well-accepted goals encapsulated in the Sustainable Development Goals and the Universal declaration of human rights. We will not work for any group that openly promotes intolerance, disparages democracy, pits one community against another, or conducts what we see as any activity that contradicts such standards.