Our mission: fix democracy


The crisis of representative democracy calls for increased legitimacy and effectiveness of democratically-elected governments

Our aim

The threat to democracy is not people’s individual ability but our inability to tap into our collective intelligence. We intend to prove it.


We harness the best in collective intelligence tools for public decision making.

Our values

We are

  • Optimists
  • Pragmatists
  • Progressives

We believe

  • Liberal democracy can address the world’s complexity
  • Democracy is not a state, but work in constant progress
  • Under the right conditions, collective audacity and creativity can be unleashed and lead to better policies



Expand your options, through:

  • Problem definition: stakeholder mapping, systemic analysis, opportunity and trend spotting
  • Ideation techniques applied to policy-making
  • Inspiration: through benchmarking, case studies, motivational speeches, transformative scenario planning


Align stakeholders, through:

  • Visioning: appreciative inquiry
  • Motivation and behavioral analysis
  • Deliberation: deliberative and participatory forums
  • Collective intelligence facilitation for policy-makers


Come to a close, through:

  • Supporting change management in public organisations and collective movements
  • Moderation & mediation
  • Branding, outreach and advocacy
  • Individual & collective training