Our mission

We foster collective intelligence and creativity for the common good through analysis, advice to organizations, and by enabling public policy actors to work smarter together.

Our job:


We help expand options, by:

  • Reframing challenges, through unconventional case studies, inspiring alternatives, and compelling outliers​​​
  • Branding and position analysis thanks to stakeholder mapping, systems analysis, dialogue interviews, and focus groups​​​
  • Developing new options through ideation and foresight techniques applied to policy-making​​​
  • Injecting a regular dose of stimulation by monitoring new signals, technologies, and fresh actors


We help public authorities, civil society organisations, think tanks and all those contributing to public policies espouse new agendas and solutions, by:

  • Producing new visions, roadmaps and public policy solutions, with a variety of public policy actors and/or the wider public ​
  • Designing and running collective intelligence, ideation and deliberative democracy processes​
  • Stirring your thinking and sharpening your analysis about complex issues, and helping you frame long-term strategy, planning and action, building on our considerable experience of innovation and politics


We help public authorities and public policy actors accelerate change, by:

  • Increasing public support through creative political communications, advocacy, and media relations advice
  • Putting the tools of collective thinking and creation into the capable hands of organisations, teams and individuals. We’ve created learning experiences for dozens of cultures, organizations and contexts worldwide. Our workshops are available as single events or programmed learning
  • Giving people the means to drive change through community organising

Recent projects and collaborations

We work on both macro and micro issues, at a global and a local level. On a mission for a client or by our own initiative. We focus on matters of general interest.

Partners and clients profile




Julie Godin

Director, Egmont

We had the pleasure co-design a training session on ‘Creativity in Public Policy’ for foreign diplomats and public servants. Theses sessions invite policy-makers to develop an out-of-the-box thinking and have become an integral part of our training offer.


Edward Strasser, Innovation in Politics Institute

Edward Strasser

Director, Innovation in
Politics Institute

Dreamocracy is doing a fantastic job in identifying innovative politics in the Benelux. It is a valued partner in our Europe-wide network. They always impress us with new ideas and initiatives.

Jean-Philippe Palasi, Indri

Jean-Philippe Palasi

Director, INDRI

Dreamocracy brings to the fight against deforestation a unique combination of political and collective intelligence know-how. I am grateful for our collaboration, which makes a huge difference.


Frédéric Fontaine

Director, Bruxelles

Dreamocracy worked along our side in an unprecedented exercise in collective thinking on the long-term future of our policies. It was a very pleasant, captivating and instructive experience.

Camille Callens Beci

Camille Callens

Environmental advisor,
Beci – Brussels Chamber of

Dreamocracy helps Brussels-based companies and public authorities reduce CO2 emissions through spot-on strategic advice and collective intelligence methodologies.

Building a
better society is
our working

Publications and resources

We are regularly invited as contributors in newspapers, magazines and digital media.
We produce opinion pieces policy papers, reports, videos, podcasts… and books. All in support of ideas and solutions around the common good and ‘Democracy’.

«2020, l’année du réveil démocratique»

«2020, l’année du réveil démocratique»

© Pixabay   Il y a des signes de résilience de la démocratie de par le monde. Et la crise sanitaire a même, en certains aspects, favorisé cette tendance, indiquent dans une carte blanche Aline Muylaert, Emilie Van Haute, Jean de Renesse et Stephen Boucher, dans...

Comment éviter l’effondrement de la démocratie ?

Comment éviter l’effondrement de la démocratie ?

© CottonBro - Pexels Nos démocraties sont menacées par une insatisfaction croissante des citoyens à leur égard. Elles peuvent cependant trouver un nouvel élan et une nouvelle légitimité en renforçant la participation des citoyens. Pour fonctionner, la participation...

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