Civic Hall Brussels

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Bringing together policy makers and civic innovators to address society’s challenges through innovation.


The factors that contribute to our collective inability to meet pressing societal challenges is long: fragmented thinking, polarization, insufficient diversity within policy-making circles, lack of tools and methodologies to foster collective intelligence. Various centres have emerged around the world in service to public authorities to address this need, such as Civic Hall New York, Liberté Living Lab (Paris), or Public Hall (London). It is time for Brussels to develop its own Civic Hall, as a power center for Belgium, Europe and the world, and as a uniquely cosmopolitan city.

The mission of Civic Hall Brussels is to support ambitious public managers, corporations, civil society organizations, and in general all those committed to better address today’s greatest policy challenges through policy innovation and thus to ensure democracy’s health and future. It aims to do so across governance levels represented in Brussels, equipping them with the best collective intelligence technologies, delivered by the top thinkers and service providers, supported by the facilities of a dedicated space.

Civic Hall Brussels will provide spaces for work and events, as well as shared spaces, open to the public, for foster serendipity. it acts as an events and social workspace, uniquely equipped to foster innovation; a learning ground; a think-tank; and an accelerator nurturing startups and public actors through intrapreneurship and open innovation programmes. It is structured around four strands of work: “Do” (serving its residents, organizing workshops, developing technologies, offering Living Lab services); “Think” (through publications and events); “Train” (on- and offline); “Innovate” (through collaborative R&I).

The community is composed of permanent residents; incubated start-ups for up to one year; occasional residents; “explorers” from corporate, government start-ups and public sector teams taking up temporary residence; and friends and visitors, notably stimulating speakers and trainers.


Civic Hall Brussels is co-developed in collaboration with Spacious Agency.


Brussels, Belgium