Indri – Agora of Landscapes and Forests




Fight against deforestation. Madagascar Agora Forest.


This is arguably Dreamocracy’s project to date that has the most potential. We are working hand-in-hand with the Madagascar-based think tank INDRI. With funding from the CEPF, Fondation Fanainga, and the AfD, we are designing and implementing innovative ways to accelerate change in the interest of the country’s environment and population. In particular, we are designing and creating the Agora of Landscapes and Forests of Madagascar and providing public affairs advice to ensure radically better coordination of the fight against deforestation. Inspired by Malawi’s charcoal strategy and Germany’s Agora Energiewende, this platform of actors is coordinating the drafting and implementation of a national strategy to stop deforestation and accelerate reforestation. With backing from but independent of the national public authorities, the platform acts as a political centre of gravity and a knowledge hub. Dreamocracy contributes its political strategy advice, and key design and methodology concepts.


INDRI (Think tank)



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