Memorials to the Future

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“A picture is worth a thousand words”, is rightly said. It is with this principle in mind that we help you bring your community’s vision to life and involve it in sketching out its future, both in words and in a collaborative mural, answering questions such as: What are the values that bind us? What rules do we commit to as communities? What is the good that we celebrate in our neighbourhood?

These are questions that our unique collaborative mural and deliberative process can help answer and visualise, for all to see on your streets.


  • First, we design and run a workshop with the relevant stakeholders and adequate collective intelligence methods, to stimulate a deep conversation and elicit the essence of the group’s meaning. It may be about what it wants its future to look like. The rules it wishes to adopt. Its pride in its identity and values.
We can run this deliberation online ahead of an in-person workshop. And then we indeed bring everyone together for half a day to a full day, facilitate and listen carefully.
  • We digest what we heard and our partner Zsofi Lang, illustrator, brings all this meaning into a sketch, we discuss it with you, and Zsofi draws it on the wall that you have chosen, indoors or outdoors, ANY size.
  • You and your community paint the mural under Zsofi’s guidance. It is therefore doubly yours, as your community painted it and it reflects who you truly are.
  • We drink some bubbly and share the meaning proudly with the wider world.


Wallbynumbers Studio and The New Dialogue Foundation

This is a unique way to reach out to all types of audiences, have an in-depth dialogue with citizens and stakeholders, that builds on people’s emotions, and to translate this into a lasting vision and commitment for all to see daily.

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