Tourisme Nouvelle Aquitaine – New identity and organigram

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Alongside L’Atelier Coaching & Créativité, Dreamocracy worked intensely in the last quarter of 2021 with the directorate for tourism of the Nouvelle Aquitaine region (South-West of France).

The challenge was that France recently restructured its regions. Nouvelle Aquitaine thus has had to bring together three former regions, and therefore teams that were working on similar issues in different geographies, thus needing to reinvent their mission and organigram. This had led to a lot of internal tension and even suspicion. A key dimension of the mission was therefore to use the process of dialogue to restore trust between team members and their hierarchy, as well as to experiment and learn new management approaches.

Second challenge: the reinvention of the whole tourism sector, considering the impact of the Covid crisis as well as wider trends related to the climate crisis and demographic changes. This also requires a renewed strategic outlook on the team’s future missions, organisation, and skills set.

In order to address these challenges, Dreamocracy and L’Atelier Coaching & Créativité worked online over three months with the 20 members of the team, using a variety of tools:

  • Online questionnaires and one-to-one qualitative interviews.
  • 5 online workshops using a variety of coaching, management, development strategy, and creativity techniques to elicit a new vision.
  • Online tools structuring asynchronous work by the team members in between workshops, using in particular a series of Murals.

In terms of deliverables, this lead to the definition of a new mission, a better understanding of the team’s and its members’ capacities, and a preliminary new organigramme.

It also allowed the team to regain trust and feel listened and valued. The team’s own strategic recommendations are now being implemented by the Region.


Direction Tourisme, Région Nouvelle Aquitaine



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