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Rewarding bold policy makers around Europe.


Dreamocracy represents the Innovation in Politics Institute for the Benelux countries and assists it in its efforts to identify bold officials who develop innovative policies. Every year, the Innovation in Politics Awards reward officials in 10 categories: Quality of Life, Economy, Ecology, Education, Democracy, Digitalisation, Human Rights, Regional Development, Community (and Coping with Covid-19, this year). We thus acknowledge politicians who have the courage to break new ground, who are creative and achieve real results – regardless of party affiliation and regional level, and based on our European values: social balance, democracy and human rights. We bring their innovative work to the fore, so that it may serve as a source of inspiration. We also work alongside the Innovation in Politics Institute to spread the lessons learned from these bold initiatives across Europe.


Innovation in Politics Institute (Non-Profit Foundation)


Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg


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