Brussels Public Innovation Week


Support all those committed to better addressing today’s challenges through policy, social, democratic and political innovation.


The Public Innovation Week is an initiative of Dreamocracy, Civic Hall Brussels and Tokvil, and is similar to the ones in the Netherlands, France, Ireland and Brazil.

It is a week filled with on and offline events of all types: webinars, talks, workshops in Brussels and Europe more generally.

As part of our mission to foster collective intelligence, we aim to bring together people with different backgrounds and interests like policy makers, practitioners, advisors, citizens, entrepreneurs and academics.

Every events is centered on discussing and taking on today’s public policy challenges and opportunities. This week is dedicated to sharing, teaching and learning, inspiring each other on topics ranging from GovTech and AI to citizen participation and deliberative democracy.

The first edition of Brussels Public Innovation Week was held in November 2021, featuring fantastic speakers such as Geoff Mulgan, professor at the UCL, Aline Muylaert, co-director of CitizenLab and Kevin Françoisse, CEO of Sagacify.

Click here to discover the 5 lessons we learned from this first edition. 

Please get in touch if you wish to take part in the organisation of next year’s edition. 

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